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[Log] New Years Dev Log Pt. 1

Discussion in 'Announcements & Updates' started by Zaren, Dec 27, 2017.

  1. Zaren

    Zaren Administrator Staff Member R:1 Veteran

    This is the New Years Mega-Dev-Log, This Developer log will be broken up into two parts, part 2 coming when I return from my trip and features more images and videos. Please Enjoy!

    Alpha Weapons:
    The images of weapons are early graphics/place holders that will be slowly replaced throughout the Alpha phase, more weapons coming in part 2.

    Alchemy District Buildings:
    Buildings A and B (the yellow and blue ones) will have an NPC standing outside to warp you to the top floor and balcony, there you will be able to train whatever skill is trainable in the building, the yellow building will probably be a place to train your cooking profession.

    The Larger building in Alchemy District is the model for the Fine Weapons & Armor shop, Both of tthe larger buildings in Alch District are using this model at the moment, one will be re-skinned and re-purposed as a Guild Registry Building where players can form a guild, move their @home and buy guild supplies.

    We have developed a Dying system for all appearance items (yes you can have w/e color Haseo or Shino outfit you want) We're also releasing skin options for costumes, I'll post an Atoli version of the Shino outfit in part 2 to show this off.

    Chaos Gate:
    Bask in it's glory. Depending on your controller settings it will either show Keyboard keys, Ps4 buttons, or xbox buttons in HUD menus.

    Yes, those are indeed fishing spots.

    Enjoy these images, there's a lot more to come in part 2. I might even have to make a part 3, we have so much to post.

    Attached Files:

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  2. Ender

    Ender Delta User

    Yessss!!! We have updates!!!
  3. Sigma

    Sigma Delta User R:1 Veteran

    THOSE LOOK AWESOME!! I'd love it if it was possible to be a tester for this. Even if it was just to walk around town and test movement. Great stuff with the development. Keep up the great work.
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  4. Jorgomli

    Jorgomli Delta User

    Fix the faces
  5. AzureZhen

    AzureZhen Administrator Staff Member R:Craft Staff

    They are still better then the versus models.
  6. Firelad

    Firelad Delta User

    Haseo does not look that bad. However, a Harvest Cleric (aka alt model version of Atoli) looks so bad. Her face ... is kind of creepy.
  7. Aiko

    Aiko Delta User

    omg that face tho... lmao
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  8. krescent

    krescent Delta User

    Part 2 for new years 2018? :D
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